Local Performances : 2018

Thursday, October 4 trio date with Trevor Ware (b) and Aaron Serfaty (d) at The Blue Guitar, in So. Pasadena. 7:30PM

Pasadena performance schedule (subject to change- please call to confirm)

Fridays: Parkway Grill

(Duo) 7:00-11:00 PM

510 So. Arroyo Pkwy. Pasadena, CA 91105


Wednesdays: Arroyo Chop House

(Solo) 6:30-10:30 PM. On "hiatus" during the school year. Jon Mayer covering.

536 So. Arroyo Pkwy. Pasadena, CA 91105



A great series of recent shows with Bennie Maupin's sextet. August 31/September 1 at Blue Whale, then September 28/29 at World Stage. With Darek Oles (b), Kenny Sara (d), Eric McKain (p) and Chis Williams (tpt). The band might be called Oxygen; playing that music with this crew is a healing and often transcendant experience. On 9/29 Bennie missed the first set but the band sure got the ball rolling, including a mind blowing guest vocal performance by Dwight Trible.


Friday Night Jazz at Parkway Grill draws a steady crowd to a comfortable, good-sounding room. The piano/bass duo plays a mix of mainstream and post-bop jazz, standards and blues. Kim Vinson, a fan, wrote this nice review of a show with Nedra Wheeler for the All About Jazz Web site.

Bassists who've played at PG include Bruce Atkinson, John Belzaguy, Chuck Berghofer, Adam Cohen, John Crooks, Jeff D'Angelo, Jack Daro, Tony Dumas, Tim Emmons, Ari Giancaterino, Alphonso Johnson, Alex King, Kristin Korb, Jennifer Leitham, Edwin Livingston, Mike Lizarraga, Sherry Luchette, Benjamin May, Darek Oles, Kevin O'Neal, Jonathan Richards, Ryan Roberts, Putter Smith, Jeff Steele, Larry Steen, Trevor Ware,Tom Warrington, and Nedra Wheeler.